Real Stories from Patients and Doctor for Healing

Storytelling and Story listening is the most powerful tool of a physician

Higher Power of Soul

Humans are encoded with the DNA of Storytelling and Story Listening. Unlock Higher Power of Your Soul for Healing Your Heart.

This blog site came out as my project of randomly interviewing my patients and getting their stories. I found that all of these ordinary people have extraordinary stories to tell and for me to listen. Today's malady often is the end result of a story that happened in the remote past. But most of all, every one has a story to tell if you listen carefully and healing lies in the storytelling and story listening. These stories prove no one is human, but all humans are Super Humans!

Take a dip

So, what are you waiting for? Take a dip into our stories and find how Ordinary Humans are Super Humans! 

Stories are Real and Humans are Stories. Stories make us into what we are.

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